What is All India pin codes?

All India Pin Codes is an India-based Pin Code finder website that provides you with accurate and reliable information about Indian states, union territories, districts, and cities Pin Codes.

How do All India pin codes work?

All India Pin Codes finder website is working with two methods. First, you can search by the search box provided at the top right. Second, you can click on the particular state, then select district then you get the Pin Codes list.

Who invented the Pin Code system in India?

Postal indices consist of six long digits. The Pin Code System of Coding a Mail Address was first Invited and incorporated by Mr. Shriram Bhikaji Velankar in 1972.

How do Pin Codes structures are described?

pin code structure of india
The first digit indicates: Indian Region = 1
The first 2 digits indicate: Sub-Region postal circle = 11
The third digit indicates: Sorting District = 0
The last 3 digits indicate: The Specific Post Office = 001
Finally, 6-digit Pin code located at Connaught Place Central Delhi = 110001

What are the Odds between PIN Code and ZIP Code?

PIN Codes and ZIP Codes are two different types of postal coding systems that limit the exact location where mail is to be delivered. In general, ZIP Codes are used in the United States of America, and PIN Codes are used in India.

When post office started in India?

1 October 1854